Automatic Cookie Blocking and Shopify


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  • Hi Ellie,

    The above described problem does not comes from enabling prior consent on Shopify or automatic cookie blocking, actually it is not a problem at all. This is expected behavior of Cookiebot auto blocking mode. What you are describing is expected behavior: The automatic cookie blocking feature holds back any script that sets other than strictly necessary cookies until user consent for the specific cookie category has been obtained.

    The reason why the auto blocking mode does not display some text, images and other elements (or the website load very slow) is that those elements are setting cookies on the site and therefore they have been hold on (not displayed) until the consent is given. When consent is given and cookies have been allowed those elements are displayed on the website.
    This is how auto blocking mode works, it hold/blocks all elements which are setting cookies on the website until those cookies have been allowed.
    For more detailed information please check this article:

    However, a number of things may cause unanticipated or unexpected behavior on your website after enabling automatic cookie blocking, such as js errors, but it is hard to say based on the information you provided. In that I suggest you to write the support team in order to investigate further more.


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