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    Richard van der Velde

    Hi Tony,

    Cookies are basically small data packages a script on a website stores in your browser. This is also why stored information doesn't carry over to another browser on the same device.

    You're correct in that cookies don't get placed on a website by the user, but vice versa.

    I've had a look at your website, and see that you do indeed have script that set cookies. Examples of these are MailChimp, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.
    I assume that you've added these scripts to the website yourself, but weren't aware that these set cookies (and can create iframes).  

    Elimination cookies would require the removal of these scripts, but this isn't necessary. Cookiebot's purpose is to prevent cookies from being set, unless the user consents to them.

    Also, not all cookies have a malicious purpose, take for example the shopping cart on a website, or certain preferences. As long as they fulfill a purpose that benefits you (and the end user) and you obtain informed consent, cookies are nothing to be worried about.

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