Custom template: values of button "Details" does not change


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    Elina - vConnect - Community Supporter

    Hi Gianfranco,

    After inspecting the aforementioned site, I found out that the CookiebotOnDialogInit event listener, mentioned in the "Custom texts on buttons" article, is not inserted (it`s empty).

    Here are some small video tutorials showing you how to wrap the custom texts you'd like to use in an event listener attached to CookiebotOnDialogInit (in the video Chrome Local Overrides is used):

    1) Showing that the event listener is empty:


    2) Copying the code example from the article and inserting it into the index.html file (on line 33):


    3) After refreshing the page we can see, that the CookiebotDialog.showDetailsText is now changed to "Expand information":


    Of course, you can change the text content of showDetailsText and hideDetailsText to what your preferences are!


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