scan doesn't find youtube- and google-cookies


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    Martin Iv. – vConnect

    Hey Birgit,

    The problem is most likely due to the fact that you have already installed different consent solution that supports prior consent, the scanner cannot by standard give a consent and thereby "release" all cookies that can then be detected.
    To work around this, you can configure a ”custom cookie” from the Manager (when you are logged on to your account) that results in a full consent. As an example (which depends on the particular consent solution in place) you would create a cookie named ”cookie_notice_accepted” and the value ”true”. This cookie will then be used as a standard by the scanner on all page requests resulting in all cookies being set and indexed by the scanner. just a guess... 

    For the necessary cookies you don't need to add the attribute "data-cookieconsent". If you have categorized them in the Cookiebot manager as necessary this will be enough. What this will do is show the specific cookie in the Cookie declaration page as necessary in order your site to work properly and you don't have to ask for prior consent from the user for these types of cookies.

    Then clicking the “Scan domain now” button, which you will find in the “Cookies” menu of the Cookiebot Manager and see after the scan is ready if things are fixed.

    Hope some this will help you resolve your issue.

    Kind Regards. 



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