change your consent/withdraw your consent text not shown



  • Hi Dietmar K.

    After investigating you website and more specifically the Cookie Declaration page it seems that the above described problem comes because of wrong Cookiebot implementation. Please check the general implementation guide for more detailed information:

    You should add the Cookiebot script (the main script) at the very top within the HEAD-tag of your website, it shouldn't be added on every page but just once in the head tag of the website. 
    Right now the cookie consent withdraw link is hided on your Cookie Declaration page with 'display: none' because the main Cookiebot script is not loaded (it is not added to Cookie Declaration page). 


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    Dietmar Klonikowski

    Hi Spas,

    thanks so much for your friendly help. Some of your ideas are correct, some are not correct. But that doesn't matter. You have given me a "line" for the solution. And the solution was so, so simple.

    The general implementation was not the problem.

    All setting in the Cookiebot-admin was correct.

    On my website it is no matter if the Cookiebot script is at the very top of the HEAD or bevor the end of the HEAD. Both works very well and without complications

    Your idea of the cookie consent withdraw is not the problem.

    Here the simple solution: I coded the first Cookiebot-script into all webpages >> but NOT in the special page of the complete Cookie Declaration. This was the (my) mistake and my wrong thinking. I always thought that this special page does not need the first Cookiebot-script. After coding this script into the Cookie Declaration page - all is working very well and its best. Please look >>here

    Now the links  "change your consent / with draw your consent" ("Ändern Sie Ihre Einwilligung | Widerrufen Sie Ihre Einwilligung") are shown at the Cookie Declaration page. Perfectly !!

    Dear Spas - best regards

    Dietmar K.

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