Third-Party apps blocked by Coockiebot


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  • Hi Jessyka Wayne&Wale,

    What you are describing is a expected behavior of Cookiebot. The Cookiebot holds back/blocks any script that sets other than strictly necessary cookies until user consent for the specific cookie category has been obtained.
    The reason why Cookiebot does not display some text, images and other elements is that those elements are coming from third-party apps or setting cookies on the site and therefore they have been hold on (not displayed) until the consent is given. When consent is given and cookies have been allowed those elements should be displayed on the website.

    This is how Cookiebot works corresponding the new GDPR rules, it hold/blocks all elements which are setting cookies on the website until those cookies have been allowed, this is called 'prior consent'.
    For more detailed information about what is prior consent please check this article:

    We fully understand that you could choose to switch to another service, but you would still run into the same issue if you want your website to be fully GDPR compliant. Because you could either block the script and loose all functions or you don't and set cookies without consent which is contrary to the GDPR rules. 

    However, I could suggest you to add data-cookieconsent="ignore" attribute to the script tags if its appropriate and by doing this you would prevent Cookiebot from blocking those scripts.


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