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Cookie-blocking mode Auto breaks (MS Edge)



  • Official comment
    Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi all 

    First of all thank you for using our community and for trying out the new auto blocking functionality in Cookiebot.

    We are aware of unexpected behavior on some websites when visiting them with MS Edge and to some extend also IE11. 

    We released a fix that was rolled out automatically a week ago that took care of a number of the issues identified in MS Edge and we continue to work improve our solution.

    We would be happy if you could send us the domains where you experience this to help us narrow down issues and the cause for them. You may send us an email directly at or use the "Submit request" button in the top bar. Feel free to reference this thread as well. If you are a wordpress user, please also indicate which theme you are using.

    Again, thanks for trying out our new functionality, we are working hard to make it a great solution for everyone of our clients.

    UPDATE 2019-10-16 6pm (CET): A new release went live this evening dealing specifically with IE issues but also including general improvements for AJAX support. EDGE and IE11 specific issues should no longer be present.

    Should you still experience problems with autoblocking specifically in these browsers, while no problems are detected in Chrome, Firefox or Safari then do let us know through already mentioned channels.

  • Dina Hvidgaard

    I believe this is what troubles me as well!

  • Jonas Reuter

    Same problem here. We have reproduced the Problem also in IE11.

    This needs to be fixed soon!

  • Christian Walter

    Could you please give a update to this issue?

    I received information from our developer:
    When this feature is active, self service invoice and delivery address forms have problem in IE. we have not checked other forms. It will block other scripts to run with this line data-blockingmode="auto"

    Do you provide the most up-to-date version of the script in the Cookiebot Backend?

  • ICT


    Today, we've come across this particular issue as well, and it is vital that this be resolved ASAP...

    When data-blockingmode="auto" is set, it prevents our form from continuing to the next steps. Removing or setting blockingmode to off "fixes" the issue.

    Only occurs in Edge/IE, not in other browsers.

  • Christian Walter

    Do you mean we need to change the script to the manual blocking method?

    We implement the script with data-blockingmode="auto".

    A change to manual is not useful for us, because we need the benift of the automatic one.

  • Karl

    I find it very important too to have this fixed ASAP.

  • Martin Clewing

    Well... so do I...

    the script blocks post-Data in edge and IE, it works when we change to get.  It doesn't matter if it's auto or not.

  • Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi All

    We continuously release updates to our service to remove bugs and improve cross browser compatibility.

    If you are still experiencing erros please do write us directly in support and we will verify and add these examples to our backlog.

    @Martin - Could I please ask you to write us at Support with more detail on this issue? 




  • Jonas Reuter

    I wish Cookiebot would offer versioning and changelog.
    As agency we have to ensure the changed script is not causing any error on customer page.

    Rolling out code to customer page without changelog and possibility to run tests in dev-env is botchy.

  • giuseppec

    The issue still seems to exist (at least on squarspace webpages). Or is it only me?

  • liy sds

    Try to delete the Cookiebot plugin (you need to deactivate the plugin first) - and set up a sparkling reproduction the use of the store button on the plugin page. It will likely resolve the missing file.


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