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Recent Cookiebot code push breaks for all users



  • Official comment
    Richard van der Velde

    Hi guys and girls,

    Let me start off by apologizing for the delayed response. We're a bit backed up at the moment, but are working hard on getting back on track.

    In regards to the Google Tag Manager script being blocked, this is likely caused by the new automatic cookie blocking function. The script registers that running the GTM script results in cookies, and therefore prevents it from executing.

    We've shortly after the release figured a way to make GTM and automatic cookie blocking work together though. And there's an article describing how to achieve this:

    Should you have trouble getting this to work, please direct your issues to the support team and we'll assist you as soon as possible. 

  • Pam Hardy

    Cookiebot broke for us as well yesterday. I submitted a support ticket but still have not received a response. We were forced to remove Cookiebot from most of our website as too many important functions were not working.

  • Corey Abramson

    We may be in the same boat - I've messaged on a few channels trying to get support but have not had much luck. 

  • Bernice Ling

    I have submitted a support ticket. It has been 21 days, still no resolution and very little response from the team. Very disappointed.

  • Corey Abramson


    Unfortunately the post shared didn't solve our issue. Now into day 3 of this, we're noticing a change in frequency of console errors - would you please let us know if something has changed on CookieBot's code? 

    Before I make the call to pull down CB code entirely, it would great to the status of any potential fix coming from Cybot.

    All the best,


  • Corey Abramson

    Any update here?


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