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New automatic cookie-control breaks dropdown menu



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    Richard van der Velde

    Hi guys,

    You're describing several similar, yet separate issues.

    In response to the original post, this issue is likely not with the way you've implemented the script. But more with scripts being blocked that shouldn't.

    The information in this thread is far to limited for me to troubleshoot the issues, but I can give som general information that might give you guys a clue where to look:

    1. If the script that generates for example a menu also sets a cookie, the automatic cookie blocking mechanism will prevent the script from executing, thereby also disabling the menu.
      There are a few things you can do about this:

      You can categorize the cookie that goes with the script as necessary, allowing it to execute without consent.

      You can assign the attribute data-cookieconsent="ignore" to the script that you don't want blocked. This will tell the Cookiebot script to disregard the script. Be aware though, this risks cookies being set without prior consent!
    2. It's possible that several functions are bundled in one external js-file. If just one of these scripts sets a cookie, the entire file is blocked. The solution here is again to either force Cookiebot to ignore the script, or move the script that sets a cookie to another file or directly into the page.
    3. Lastly, if you have inserted the Cookiebot script more than once on the same page, particularly if you use both manual and automatic mode, an error wil occur and all scripts further down the source code won't be able to run, regardless of consent or if they set cookies at all. A way to see if this is happening is inspecting the page in the console and see if all scripts after a certain point have the type text/plain instead of text/javascript (or no type at all).

    If this isn't helpfull, please contact our support team, who will investigate each of your cases as soon as they're able.

  • Yeronimo

    I am having similar issues. Bootstrap toggles are no longer working with data-blockingmode="auto"

    We are loading Boostrap from their CDN.

    There are no errors in the console and the problem only occurs in IE and Edge.

  • Roberto Recinos

    Exactly same error, still waiting for support, but seems none-existing lame. 

  • dpoonwassie

    Keen to see the resolution on this one, we are seeing the same symptoms on IE and Edge too. We are also seeing the full Cookie listing appearing at the bottom of the page. I'll raise that as a separate ticket.

  • Roberto Recinos

    Thanks for your answer Richard, however it didn't work so I submitted a ticket. thank you.

  • Sam Allen

    We are having the same problem on Safari only. Since installing Cookiebot, the dropdown menus on our website navigation have stopped working. Help!


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