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Some of other Javascript on the website breaks when using Cookiebot



  • Harald C.

    I have a similar problem. Even a simple 'is-JavaScript-active' test is broken and also a JavaScript-based email address obfuscation.
    None of those set any cookies.

    The other problem is that in my privacy statement which is set-up as an accordion (only pure HTML & CSS, no JavaScript) I had the second script included in one of the accordion items. The cookie explanation triggered by that second script shows up, but it shows up twice, Text plus table and underneath again text plus table.

    For that second problem I could find a work-around, although I wouldn't like to 'heal' a software that way.
    But the first problem is a no-go for me.
    That means that until that problem is solved I can unfortunately not use Cookiebot.


  • Hi klam and Harald,

    One of the reasons the above described behaviors could happen is that the Cookiebot script is not the first one added to the site. You should add the Cookiebot script at the very top within the HEAD-tag of your website, not in the header. Please check the general implementation guide for more detailed information because this may be one of the reason why Cookiebot conflicts with other scripts and plugins:

    However, the other reason why Cookiebot might blocks other scripts and plugins is that those scripts/plugins are setting cookies which are not classified and allowed by the visitors and therefore Cookiebot does not load them. If other scripts/plugins are setting cookies on the website you should classify those cookies and enable prior consent. 
    Another solution which might works is to move/include the other scripts to the footer so they do not conflict with Cookiebot script which should be added into the head tag of your website.

    Could you also please tell we if the other scripts/plugins work after giving a consent and allowing all cookies on the site.
    I am asking this because in case that other scripts/plugins are working after allowing cookies this means that everything is working as it should. This is how Cookiebot works, it blocks/holds all elements which are setting cookies on the site until the user allow them. 



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