Manual and automatic implementation method co-existing


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  • Hi Pam,

    We are apologizing for the delayed response!

    The script on your website determines whether you are using manual cookie blocking or automatic cookie blocking. The switch between the two options ("Manual" or "Auto") in the Cookiebot Manager is only a switch between what is displayed in the manager and does not necessarily present the functionality implemented on your website.

    If you are already using Cookiebot with manual implementation of prior consent, to enable the automatic cookie-control, just need to remove the async attribute and add a data-blockingmode="auto" attribute in the script which is currently inserted in the header of the website. Also make sure that script is inserted as the very first script within the head-tag of your website. Inserting it as the very first script ensures that no cookies or trackers escape our automatic cookie blocking.

    Here are our guides, which might be helpful to you:
    Switch from manual to automatic cookie blocking mode
    How to use Cookiebot on your website - automatic cookie blocking
    Automatic or Manual cookie blocking mode, which one am I using?

    The “manual implementation method will continue to be supported” means that you will be able to switch back to it whenever you would like to.


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