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error when Cookie-blocking mode at auto



  • Official comment
    Brian Mørkeberg Lundkvist

    Hi all

    Our automatic cookie blocking feature holds back any script that sets other than strictly necessary cookies until user consent for the specific cookie category has been obtained.

    This happens by controlling the scripts in your website, letting them fire in the order they are found.

    A number of things may cause unanticipated or unexpected behavior on your website after enabling automatic cookie blocking. In that case I encourage you to write our Support team for us to investigate further. Use the blue Submit request button in your top right part of the screen to create a request for support.

  • Bernice Ling

    I have similar issues. In addition to these errors, some images are not loading when I switch Cookie Blocking mode to auto.

    Help on this is greatly appreciated!

  • mario.fasold

    I have also a similar problem. With the manual prior-consent control ("async" property) that I used to have implemented, everything worked well. With the new automatic cookie control, JavaScript on my page breaks. Specifically, I hava a JQuery Validator that does not work anymore, hence the form is not functional anymore! Any ideas?  I can gladly provide the link to the relevant site.

  • Ben Kelly

    We are also having this issue. It seems that Cookiebot is interfering with something. Basically, if we try to query the DOM with JS using 'DOMContentLoaded' it's missing stuff and is not as expected. We've found that putting a 2-second delay before querying the DOM for those elements works, so it's doing something to the DOM then loading stuff in.

    Obviously, though this isn't a solution and we are using Cookiebot on a number of client sites so do not want to make significant code changes. 

  • Bernice Ling

    That was the first thing I did 10 days ago, I submitted a request to the support team. I felt that the request had gone into a black hole and thus resort to this forum for help.

    Being a paying customer, I must say that I'm disappointed with the unresponsiveness of the support team.

  • Bjørn Nyborg

    We are also having this problem, when activating the auto-blocking, javascript just stops executing.
    Our site doesnt even throw an error, it just stops working.


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