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Pardot tracking doesn't work with Cookiebot



  • Mhamilton

    We have having the same problem. Would love help here, Cookiebot Support!

  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter

    Hi GOJOKotomi and Mhamilton,

    This is the strange issue which needs to be investigated in more details because it could be caused by several things. 
    More likely the problem occurs because of wrong GTM implementation and triggers set up. But it could be also because Cookiebot script is not added as a first element in the head tag of your website. 

    However, it is hard to say anything without actually being able to see the website, but assuming from your description, the script isn't being blocked. It's just not executing because an error occurs that prevents javascript from running.
    Could you please check your GTM implementation and if Cookiebot script is the first to load on the site. If that's not the case please provide us with a bit more information about the case, such as domain name, steps to reproduce, etc. You could post your domain here or send it to the support team at


  • GOJOKotomi

    Hi Spas,
    Thank you for checking the case!
    I'll check our GTM setting if it match the status you mentioned.


  • jilo26

    Update - it's been fixed.

    The Pardot script works as long as it is being inserted normally, i.e. without being fired by triggers (Matomo/Google Tag Manager). It stops working when it doesn't notice the window load event so we had to edit the Pardot integration code to make it work.

    window.addEventListener('load', async_load)



    Hi there,

    I am having the same issue, but instead of Google Tag Manager I am using Matomo Tag Manager. I configured the Matomo Analytics and Pardot cookies to be inserted once the statistics trigger is fired. While the Matomo Analytics cookies are being inserted upon accepting statistics cookies, the Pardot cookies are not although it's basically the same implementation. Could you please advise?

    Best regards,


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