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  • Hi Henrik,

    In case you believe that your domain has 100 pages or less, but you are receiving an invoice from Cookiebot or seeing your domain listed as a premium subscription on your Cookiebot account you should check this article.

    Number of pages according to Wordpress and the number of pages according to the Cookiebot scanner may likely differ. This could be the reason Cookiebot is asking you to upgrade your plan. We have an article regarding this case, which you can check here.

    Also here you could check how Cookiebot scanner define pages on a website. 
    Please have in mind that Cookiebot counts as pages different post and articles, and this might be the reason why it says that you have more pages than you think. I hope that this will help you figure out what is the issue. 

    I think that the best solution is to limit the number of pages, whenever possible if you would like to. As there are "image pages" in WordPress and it's a typical attachment/upload page, please check this link out -
    Here is shown how you can reduce the number of image pages and you can "remove" these pages by yourself. We do also apply global filters and because this is something that helped you in your previous case however we cannot "fix" the wordpress attachment pages with such a filter. Hope that this will help you.



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