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How to exclude some pages from Cookiebot on my internet site



  • Spas – vConnect – Community Supporter

    Hi Massimo, 

    It is not possible to exclude some pages from you website in order not to be indexed by Cookiebot. 
    Cookiebot count all pages and select a subscription plan based on the number of your website's pages. You could check the pricing and plans here


  • Josh

    Hello, I have this same problem. I would like to know how to exclude certain URL's from scanning since I have many hidden URL's (between 2-8 on average on the sites I manage), all over my site that are just a honeypot for bots to block them. These links are properly put in my robots.txt as exclusion and the "good" robots don't visit them. But the bad ones do and get blocked site-wise. Does Cookiebot listen to any type of exclusion? File config, robots.txt, set-up in your website... ? If I have to choose between my honeypots and Cookiebot I'm afraid I stick with the traps.

    Anyway I'll just unblock your IP manually and scan the site if I ever have any change in cookies because I can't avoid Cookiebot from being blocked.


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