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Under construction. The website is currently being scanned for the first time



  • Thomas De Neve

    I added this script on my site more than a week ago, and I still see the "Site under construction, .." message... Is there a way I can check the scanning progression/status ? Can you please help me with this issue ?

  • Philippe Leon


    Same issue here. Scanning still here from 3 days ago...

    How can we solve this ?


  • Thomas De Neve

    I just figured out I was able to trigger a test manually from my account, by clicking on the "Cookies" link.

    which I did : 

    But a few seconds later, after refreshing the page, the scanning status is reseted....

    In other words : the scanner does not work guys. I will have no other choice than adding the cookies manually, and hide the "Under construction" message with css. Disappointing. Please fix this !

  • Thomas De Neve

    Btw, there are NO reason to me to show this "Under construction" message to users on the front end. This is brutal

  • Kim Hornung

    If anyone else experience this...

    One situation where this happens is if you have a site that runs under http, and where the browser displays a certificate error if you try to access the site using https.

    The scanner will try the https version first. And if there is a certificate error, it will stop scanning and NOT report the error back to the UI. It will not fall back to trying the http version.

    I was informed by a Cookiebot supporter that he has registered a feature request that it would be useful to have the scanner report such problems back to the UI, so that we as users can get an idea why the scanning was unsuccesful.

  • Patrick

    We are experiencing this as well, however our site runs on https so should not be the source of the issue. 

    Buggy product and waiting for days for a response from Support. I am now looking into alternatives. 


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