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TripAdvisor Widget



  • nic3108

    Hi, I'm not a developer so I'm just trying to understand this in simple terms! At the moment, on the site I look after, we have a Tripadvisor widget that loads in the footer showing reviews. By adding prior consent as a 'Marketing' cookie, does this mean that the widget will not show/be loaded until the 'Marketing' consent box is ticked by the user?

    Excuse my ignorance, but I'm guessing the box/widget can't be loaded and the cookies turned off (until consent given). Can you have the review box showing without loading cookies?

  • Riccardo Statuto

    Hi, i've just try this solution but the widget don't loading properly, only the image is loaded after accept marketing-cookies. I using it in wordpress widget.  Is there any other solution that can be used?


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