I want to modify one of the existing banner/dialog templates that I like (e.g. the ‘slide up’). With the ‘custom’ template I need to start from scratch – can you give me the code and CSS for your existing template, so I can just modify that?




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    Philip Leung

    I don't believe that the current answer really resolves the original question and since 0 out of 5 people found the article helpful it appears that others agree.

    What we're looking for is the freedom of customizing the HTML, CSS and Javascript directly in the cookiebot settings but being able to base this on the existing templates that you have made instead of the one that is displayed when you first select the "custom"-template.

    I believe that this would save time for many of your users

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    Rahmatellah Mohammed

    thanks to philip leung, i agree with you, 

    i have the same needy !!

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    same here - any movement / news ??

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