Is it GDPR compliant to have all 4 checkboxes in the banner pre-ticked?




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    Paola Salviato

    If we keep using necessary cookies even without an explicit consent, just like you do, are we GDPR-compliant or not?

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    Søren Kjær

    "We have reached out to the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party for a clarification on how this will be interpreted under GDPR after 25 May 2018. We are still awaiting their answer and will inform all registered Cookiebot users when we receive a reply. We have also reached out to other relevant institutions to push for clarification. In addition, the lawyers of some of our large enterprise customers are also reaching out to relevant parties in search of clarification."

    Any news regarding this matter?

    Thank you for your time and effort to seek clarification.

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