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Google Tag Manager deployment



  • Sonja

    How does section "1.1,Defining the Google Consent Mode default consent state" relate to the GeoTargeting setting (inside CookieBot's Banner setup admin page - where I have selected "Visitors from the EU only".

    Do we need to define the EU region inside Google Tag Manager manually in addition? i.e. by setting up many granted rules for all "none-EU" country codes inside Cookiebot's admin plug-in for Google Tag Manage? Or can we just ignore this part, knowing that Cookiebot will set it automatically to Granted for all non-EU visitors?

  • Ricardo Mora

    Hey quick question, what if the Enable Consent Overview is not available in the GTM Container?

  • Deda Digital

    Should cookie_consent_update trigger also be used to trigger Google Tag  to track pageviews in Google Analytics?


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